Carr Bros. has been a local family owned company since 1892 encompassing 5 generations.  Originally a coal and builders’ supplier located at 40 South Park St. in downtown Bedford, Carr Bros. served the community with horse & buggy.  Some materials sold to the public ranged from different coals such as Pocahantas “White Oak”, Semi-Pocahantas “Bergoo”, Kentucky “Jewel”, Cavalier Stoker, Coke, and Ohio Lump.  Along with those products they also sold building supplies like brick, plaster, steel basement windows, sewer pipe, drain tile and of course concrete. 

Over the years Carr Bros. grew as a household name and also in size forcing a move to a larger more spacious location on Northfield Rd. in Walton Hills in 1953.  That move came at just the right time allowing Carr Bros. to supply all the concrete for the Walton Hills Ford plant 3 yards at a time.  Now Carr Bros. supplies concrete to a multitude of different jobs everyday, ranging from large commercial work to small residential pours.